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Types of Therapy

I offer individual adult therapy, adolescent therapy, and couples/relationship therapy. 

Individual Adult Therapy

Individual therapy offers a non-judgmental space to better understand the totality of who you are -- your life experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors -- and relieve distressing symptoms. People often seek therapy to learn to tolerate difficult emotions, navigate relationship challenges, become more comfortable with themselves, or let go of destructive patterns/habits. Whatever your reason, we will work together to meet your goals and create meaningful change in your life.

Adolescent/Teen Therapy

Adolescent years are unique due to the physical, emotional, and developmental changes they undergo. They have a unique set of needs due to their emerging identity and the importance of individuation. Common reasons for seeking therapy are self-esteem, peer relationships, social and academic pressures, anxiety, stress, and coping skills. Therapy provides a safe place to explore these issues as well as learn tools to cope with present and future life challenges.

Couples/Relationship Therapy

Couples therapy provides a deeper understanding of the dynamic between partners, while acknowledging the individuality of each person. Common reasons for seeking therapy include communication, intimacy, sexual difficulties, parenting, conflict resolution, attachment styles, infidelity, and decision making. I work with couples of any relational configuration or structure.

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