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Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes – generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic, OCD, and phobias. Difficulty making decisions, ruminating over things outside our control, or replaying social interactions are a few examples of how anxiety shows up in our lives. Those of us who struggle with anxiety are usually highly sensitive and attuned to people around us. In my experience, anxiety is a symptom of a deeper-rooted issue that is often unconscious. In therapy, we will uncover the core of what drives your anxiety, while working toward healthier ways of coping. This is a long-term approach that I believe is worthwhile because it provides internal lasting change.


Sometimes we lose ourselves in relationships as we become wrapped up in other people’s experiences and feelings. We may be expert people pleasers — knowing exactly how to bend and mold ourselves into the person others want to be — all the while abandoning our authentic self. This kind of self-sacrifice might feel virtuous or even like “real love” if that’s what was modeled in our family. Eventually, this way of relating becomes unsustainable -- we start to feel exhausted, resentful, lost, or profoundly empty. In therapy we build a trusting and intimate relationship where we get to explore your relationship patterns in real-time. Therapy will help you get back in touch with the “you” that is buried underneath your codependent patterns. Fostering a truer, sturdier sense of yourself will help you navigate challenges in your relationships, without having to lose yourself or worry about being a burden to others. It will give you the confidence to trust your inner voice, the ability to self-soothe, and healthy dependency and separateness in relationships.

Other areas of clinical interest/focus include:

·  Depression

·  Trauma

·  LGBTQ+ 

·  Self Esteem 

·  Perfectionism 

·  Eating Disorders & Body Image

·  Relationship Challenges

·  Spiritual/Religious issues

·  Orthodox Jewish Community

·  Grief/Loss

·  Identity Struggles

·  Career Issues

·  Life Transitions

·  Intimacy & Sexuality 

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